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Cedar Ridge Farm began in 1987 after our search for a farm led us to the small community of Vicker, VA. We named it Cedar Ridge because of the innumerable small and large cedar trees. The previous owner sold us a very old cow and a small calf, and we were on our way with many hopes, dreams, vision, and a lot of work. We’ve raised our family here, cleared brush, built fences and roads, built a small herd of cattle, and in 1996 decided to raise chickens. Pigs, goats, sheep, and bees have also had homes here during our tenure. God has blessed us.

Since the beginning, our philosophy was sustainability, which did not include herbicides, pesticides, or hormones; however, in the wake of the initial reporting of genetic engineering, our farming practices have been all organic. Some of the many techniques used include: rotational grazing, re-mineralization( including sea salt), bio-dynamics, composting, and homeopathy/herbal remedies etc.

There are few things more important than the quality of food we eat. Indeed, to a certain extent physically, we are what we eat. Someone said, “People spend their health to get money and then they spend their money to get health.” Our goal is to provide some of the best food money can buy. Our motto is: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.